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Advantages of Light Therapy

Diseases and weaknesses are inevitable. You may fall prey to pathogenic bacterium that may eat your skin away, you might catch a deadly virus that might just lodge in and weaken your lungs or, you could be sick as a result of sunlight or be sick brought by depression related to weather. If there’s one thing that we have to accept, it’s that sickness is inescapable but, suffering should be optional.

As a matter of fact, there are a number of therapies that can help in curing sickness or alleviating pain symptoms. You could also take medicines or have it injected with them. These said medicines are also engineered in laboratory in order to destroy infectious agents either by targeting pathogenesis-related genes or breaking open their cell walls. Most likely, surgery would be the last resort when you are trying to cure diseases. Parts of the damaged organs may be removed so by that, they would not do further harm to the body. Whole organs might be transplanted as well to ease the body of its burden of trying to utilize an organ destroyed by pathogens. You could be fitted with prosthetics, advised to undergo biopsy to take away tumors or given chemical treatments.

All thanks to the continuous discoveries in science and modern technology, these aren’t the only methods that can be used in treating diseases. Laboratory research found a way that certain light frequencies can kill pathogens or rejuvenate cells. Because of that, clinics and laboratories are now specializing in research as well as applications of light therapy. This is otherwise called as phototherapy, light therapy is exposing the subject to a specific light wavelength by using LEDs, fluorescent lamps, lasers or bright lights emitting all colors of spectrum. This procedure is prescribed for a given period of time and completely non-invasive. That’s they’ll not involve surgery or any other penetrating therapeutics and could therefore ease anxiety of scalpel-phobic, needle-fearing patient.

In fact, there are several advantages of utilizing light therapy and these are:

Number 1. Light therapy is non-invasive method that could kill bacteria causing acne. Acne removal might be painful if it’s done in dermatologist’s clinic with just syringes and piercing equipment. Thanks to advancements in light therapy, now these bacteria could be eliminated as soon as light penetrated their cell walls. Therefore, stopping them to cause more acnes.

Number 2. The lack of light and gray air of winter are sometime enough to trigger depression. Light therapy fortunately can treat it by means of giving patients with different amounts of light which awakens the brain to thinking that less gray seasons of spring and summer have come. This as a result is preventing patients from using anti-depression pills which might have adverse reactions.

Number 3. Light therapy might work in the sleep rhythm of the body or circadian rhythm. According to research, it shows that our sleeping habits are controlled by light and light therapy is exploiting this fact by way of giving patients several amounts of light at a designated time of day.

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