Sample Airbnb Co Host Agreement

We offer a platform that allows members to publish, offer, search and book host services. While we work hard to ensure that our members have great experiences with Airbnb, we cannot control the behavior of customers and hosts. You acknowledge that Airbnb has the right, but no obligation, to monitor the use of the Airbnb platform and verify the information provided by our members. For example, we may check, disable, delete or modify content to: (i) exploit, secure and improve the Airbnb platform (including fraud prevention, risk assessment, investigation and customer support); (ii) to ensure that members meet these conditions; (iii) comply with applicable law or the ordering or request of a court, law enforcement authority or other administrative authority or state agency; (iv) address content that is harmful or offensive; (v) take measures defined in these conditions; and (vi) maintain and enforce all quality or eligibility criteria, including by removing offers that do not meet the quality and eligibility criteria. Members recognize and accept that Airbnb manages its policies (for example. B our policy on extensuito data) and standards (for example. B essential requirements for hosts), including decisions as to whether and how they can be applied to a given situation at their discretion. Members agree to cooperate in good faith with Airbnb and support airbnb, provide Airbnb with such information, and take action that Airbnb may require regarding Airbnb`s investigation into the use or misuse of the Airbnb platform. Airbnb does not act as an agent for a member unless Airbnb Payments acts as a collection agent, as stipulated in the terms of payment. On this page, you can add your new host. Simply click the “Invite a Friend” button and you`ll receive an invitation to join your team.

If you want to hire a co-host to help you manage all the ins and outs of your offer, look for Airbnb offers where you need a co-host. Scroll down. If the owner has a co-host, it will appear right next to the owner`s image. Send them a message and see what they`re reloading, etc. Before, I asked the question, how much does an Airbnb co-host make? Well, the co-hosts who do the cleaning itself make a lot more money! “excluded services,” services that Host does not offer under this contract.