Uber Agreement With Drivers

As a driver or driver applicant, you may opt for the driver claims requirement set out in Section 17 (e) (3) (except in the provision limited by Section 17 (i) above, in accordance with the provisions of this subsection), if you have not previously accepted an arbitration decision in the Lyft Terms of Use, if you have had the opportunity to opt out of the conciliation obligation. If you have previously accepted such an arbitration rule, you may choose not to amend your previous arbitration agreement, which was introduced by this provision in the manner shown below, but the decision of this arbitration provision will have no bearing on the previous, other or future arbitration agreements you may have with Lyft. If you have not accepted such an arbitration rule and do not wish to be subject to this arbitration agreement with respect to driver claims, you may, with the exception of those in a pending settlement action, withdraw from arbitration by notifying Lyft in writing of your wish to rule from the arbitration procedure for driver claims that are dated in writing, signed and e-mailed to arbitrationoptout@lyft.com. Lyft does not generally guide or control you or your services under this Agreement, including in connection with the provision of Rideshare services, your actions or omissions, or your operation and maintenance of your vehicle. You retain the exclusive right to determine when, where and for how long you will use the Lyft platform. You retain the option to accept or refuse or ignore a Rider`s request for Rideshare services via the Lyft platform or cancel an accepted request for Rideshare services via the Lyft platform, subject to Lyft`s current cancellation policy. With the exception of reports required by law or licensing or licensing requirements, Lyft is not allowed to ask you to display Lyft`s names, logos or colors on your vehicle (s); or b) wear a uniform or other clothing bearing Lyft`s names, logos or colours. You acknowledge and accept that you have full discretion in the provision of Rideshare services or other business or employment activities. As a driver, you understand that requesting or using Rideshare services may result in a charge to you (“fee”). Fees for bicycles and scooters are taken into account in the supplementary agreement in force. Rideshare rates include fares and other fees, tolls, surcharges and taxes, as shown on the Lyft Cities page of your market (www.lyft.com/cities), as well as any tips for the driver you want to pay. Lyft has the power and reserves the right to determine and change prices by publishing the prevailing price conditions on the Lyft Cities page of your market or by indicating a price for a particular trip at the time of your application.