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It is undebatable that all humans are in quest for good livelihood and work extremely hard to see to it that this is achieved. Certainly they engage in all possible means to ensure they acquire and reap the good of the land. As a product of civilization, there has been a tremendous increase in rural-urban migrations. Masses move to cities and more urbanized locations to work and ensure they enjoy the comfort that comes with staying in these luxurious and busy places. These people work for very long hours, have little time for recreation while a good number rarely gets an opportunity to neither enjoy themselves nor attend to their families. To mention, all occupations have an interestingly same demand in the current world for it is possible for a delivery person to work on a 24-hour basis just as well as a banker or an accountant works almost the same duration. Time is an important factor, as well as a requirement within one`s success, is determined, that is success in the material gain. The more the time and commitment indulged in a particular duty, the better and higher the chances of ` success`. Consequently, ones` failure is directly proportional to his her slow-paced attitude and motivation towards their activities.

However, I would like to offer contrary ideas towards the way success has been perceived by most individuals today. To begin with, it is misguiding to term materialism as a success. Well wealth can be used as a tangible fact for success but it is always vital to acknowledge that this does not always guarantee success. Many rich men in the world have been successful in life in mind that wealth was all they needed but eventually discover that a lot of their projections and desires have not been achieved. The success of a person calls for the ultimate satisfaction of an individual`s gross goals always anticipated for them in life. This would thereby mean that at an alternate angle of view and perception that survival would be the best mode of life. One is in a position to experience both soft and tough conditions of life and thereby has an upper and better approach to deal with all his challenges. Experience is what generally gives life its flavor. It is worth to reckon that a good meal has both sweet and salted elements and therefore a good life should constitute both challenges and moments of happiness.

Another common misconception is giving one`s all-time to their economic duty. It is important very important and for that case healthy to take regular breaks when undertaking whichever duties. This is an essential remedy against mental lapses which may stimulate and trigger stress and in the long-run result in numerous adverse effects. When people work continuously without adequate rest they overwork their brains and bodies either consciously or unconsciously. Such a conditions subject one to monotonous input and output and eventually this person becomes an addict in this particular activity.

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