Yc Sales Agreement

And because we separate the meeting from the local office, we can support the salesperson in real time by posting intermediate passages on the salesperson`s website without the customer seeing them. Here is the recording of a start-up selling bootcamps that we made for Y Combinator Alumni on August 14, 2014. It was my 45-minute intro for the start-up sale, followed by a Q-A (which we didn`t record because the founders shared some confidential figures). It`s the exit of the sale. Let`s talk about what`s really fast. The lead ration, you know, is the first part. So let me go very fast through all the paths you can do, if you go up or even, you know, let me really retrace quickly. For example, if you want to hire staff, you can`t judge sellers at a single event or even two or three interviews. You really have to work with them for a month, then a month or two, and then actually see, “Is this person very consistent? Are they every day and do they bring it?┬áIt won`t be a pleasant exercise until you`ve made it a habit and a part of your life.

That is not the case. It won`t be easy. It won`t be painless. It`s going to suck for a while. You can`t handle this level of pain, you`ll never succeed with outgoing sales. period. right? Just embrace the aspiration of that, because what won`t work, no matter how amazing your outbound selling machine is, what`s not going to happen, is everyone who loves you, everyone who appreciates every email and calls you. It`s not going to go on like this, is it? Well, let`s get in the meat of sales discussions, sales discussions, right? They`re not rocket science people. No insult to you.

It is really not a missile science. The first thing you need to do is you really have to touch people, don`t you? Demodesk coaches salespeople in the blink of an eye by automatically loading the right content at the beginning of the meeting, providing conversation tips and helping to edit sales in real time. The other thing that`s great about outbound sales is that if you can make it work, it can be pretty spectacularly scaled. So the problem, if you go really wide in your lead gene and in your sales business, is that not all restaurants are equal, right? There is such a variety of restaurants. Who are you the best customer? Are these restaurant chains 5 or 10 locations? Is it like mom and pop shops? Is it the specific restaurant like Asian cuisine, Mexican cuisine that is better? Do they have to deliver? Do they have to have a Yelp account? You look for people, you have to look for people, and within yourself you have to cultivate the ability to manage rejection and accept it, to say, “If we want to make selling a priority, if I don`t hear several times a day, we don`t do our job.” All right? A few simple landmarks.