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Tips for Cleaning Your Pond

It is important to make sure that you keep your pond clean, whether you own a garden pond or a fish pond. It is not an easy task to clean your pond, but most pond owners must look for ways that will keep their pond attractive and a beautiful part of their landscape. There are different reasons why it is essential to keep your pond clean.

First, if you own a pond fish, you have to keep it clean because fish like living in a clean place, and the water should be very clear so that the fish can see properly. The more the number of fish that you have then the greater the need to ensure that you keep the pond water clean. A clean pond also boosts the value of your property. This is why it is important to consider different ways on how you should keep your pond clean and then, at the same time, ensure that you use the most cost-effective methods that will still give you a clean pond.

When dry leaves drop into your pond, they decompose, and this triggers many toxins to grow faster in the water. If you cannot clean the pond on your own, then you can always look for someone else you help you clean it. It is not an easy thing to clean your pond, and you need the right attitude and strong will to carry out the duty. When you plan to clean your pond, ensure that you wear suitable working clothes. When you wear these clothes, you should get rid of them after you are done cleaning the pond. The process starts by removing the water that is in the pond, all of it. You can make use of solids handling pump, which is attached to a long water hose. Direct the hose anywhere that you want the water pond to drain. You can direct the water to a lawn because the water will not be wasted, or the plants that you have in your back yard. This is helpful in saving water and also time.

After draining the water, remove the plants that are in the pond, used a long-handled net to remove the fish, and ensure that you have a temporary container filled with water so that you can keep the fish in there. Detach the pond filter and ensure that there is nothing else left in the pond, when you are sure that you have removed everything from the pond, start by wet vacuuming the bottom part of the pond, then wash it with water. You can repeat this procedure as many times to be certain that the water is crystal clean and clear.

When you are satisfied that the pond is clean, start by putting back the pond plants. Attach the filter and then let running water flow back into the pond. When the water is running, this will be the right time to put the de-chlorinator. This is what you use to make the water much safer for your acqua plants and fish, then put back the fish

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