Music Phones The next level of music on the move.

If any other category of mobile phone that is truly competing camera phones, they are the music phones. Music on the move has always been a popular idea. From car stereos to portable music player – there has been no dearth of options if you want to enjoy your music anytime, anywhere. As portable cassette players or ‘walkies’ transformed to ‘discman’ and subsequently into even more compact iPods, popularity of mobile music touched an all time high.

Things started to heat up even more when mobile phones jumped into the bandwagon. This alliance was a natural one because the association of music and mobile phones made a lots of sense. Music playing abilities of a mobile phone doesn’t only increases its novelty but it means you have your music player with you anywhere you are. Afterall, a mobile phone is seldom left at home. Add to it is the convenience of carrying on item less with you.

Initially it was the ringtones of popular tracks that sparked off the mobile-music revolution. With time, polyphonic ringtones came into being and gradually replaced by melodies in Midi and Mp3 formats. As mobile phone designers started to put in more memory and better media playing softwares on mobile phones, there was no looking back.

Today, music phones are not just competing against each other but are in direct competition with music players like iPod and mp3 players. The assault on ‘traditional’ music players territory by the music phones is so severe that one of the giant – iPod – have decided to come up with an i-phone. The current crop of music phone available to customers today does not only matches the high definition sounds of music players but gives a full range of add ons like playlist support, graphic equalizer, dedicated music keys and almost inexhaustible memory space.