Music Makes Life Meaningful

At some point of our life, we normally come to a point where we soul search. After a few years in the corporate world, one would just look at things over and finds out something is missing. After a few years working as an athlete, one still would not feel complete. After putting much focus on being a family man still a father feels something is lacking. And one day while going to the church listening to musical choirs perform you found much impact the religious musicals being played has to your life. Much has been said that the spiritual aspect makes life complete. But also give credit to music in aiding that aspect in giving momentum to flow within the rhythm of life towards feeling complete.

When at times we are down and at a lost we turn on at our television set to catch the latest news around with the short video footage about people suffering usually accompanied with music are seen and heard. After a while we realized that we should be fine, my situation is far of that one shown on television. The footage and music then comes deep through within us and amazingly felt how it touches one’s life. Again, with the aid of music, it helps us get through and ride within the rhythm of life making it more meaningful.

Practically, almost every meaningful lifetime event is marked by musical accompaniment. Music sets the tone for wedding, graduation, funerals, and anniversaries. For a couple walking down the aisle, the tan…tan…tan…tan beat is as important, that’s the wedding music that sets the tone for people to focus on them, on their marriage, on their once in a lifetime happening. This of course is apart from the more important mass celebrated by the priest who still is accompanied by religious musical songs. It is music again that aids to a more meaningful wedding ceremony.

It is a fact in life that we only have one high school and university graduation. That makes it very memorable. But one accompaniment that we usually foresee is that music plays an important role in this memento. The most exciting part undoubtedly is of course when you pass the stage to get your diploma. But what part of the event that really goes on to your nerves is the time you sing your farewell to your alma mater where again music is played.

Get into music and make life more meaningful!